Do you dream of having an AMAZING new software that makes your project management faster & easier but you are….

 “Limited” to Excel?

I spent years trying to manage projects with manual updates and begging my managers for an MS project licence but to no avail.

So I built my own!


No special add on’s, expensive subscriptions or restricted access software it’s just an awesomely automated excel sheet for a simple (& super low) one off cost.

I’m so sure you’ll like it you can download the user manual HERE For FREE or …

5 Simple Steps to Project Perfection!

project planner

It’s super simple to use.

Just add your task ref (if you have one)

level 1 task (e.g. phase 1)

Level 2 task (e.g. scoping, activity, testing etc…)

You can even add linked tasks

More levels can be added easily – just drop me a line and I’ll amend it.

project planner

Next add your due dates

Then your task duration

As these dates are added you will see the fields change…

project planner

The Gantt chart will AUTOMATICALLY fill in the boxes under the week where that activity lives.

If you add a completed date – the line goes blue (status will change too)

If the due date has passed without a completed date being added the line will go red (it uses a “todays date” formula)

If it has yet to start – the line is beige

If it has started you will get a % complete based on days done and it will be coloured light blue.

project planner

It doesn’t matter how much data you add – you can use the slicer selections at the top of the sheet to only see what you need! (I’ve used it upto 25,000 rows!!)

I’ve even added a little macro button that will allow you to “jump to today” so the view of the gantt chart of from today forward.

You can easily see how many tasks are overdue, in progress and not yet started.

You can select by year / qtr or month

Or by key milestones / key updates / tasks owner and more!

project planner

Finally there is a 17 page detailed step by step guide to help you get the absolute most out of this sheet..

…and if you ever need extra functionality or even just different colours – just book a free call with me HERE and i’ll do my best to help.


Not sure if this will work for you?

Don’t worry – we can make one that will!

Book a call will us today – or send us a quick message and lets see what we can do…!