Project Management Planner with Gantt Chart Excel

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Automated project planning template with status flags driven by the current date, colour coded gantt chart that changes bases on status and so much more. super simple to use and edit – check out the video and user manual here:

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Hey there project managers!

Sick of scrolling though lists of actions, looking for due dates and updating coloured boxes?

Here is your solution! I developed this excel sheet for use on my own projects and I can’t work without it now.

This sheet is a PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL built in EXCEL with LOADS of automated colour coding – so no more filling in Gantt chart boxes – no more checking for overdue tasks as this sheet checks “todays” date against your due date so every time you open it – it’s up to date!

It’s great for all kinds of task management, from solopreneurs to multi nationals – from small business start-ups to large corporate project and programmes – this works!

You can easily record and update your plans whilst creating a some very pleasing charts that you can just drop into a report or share directly with whoever needs to see it!

This tool will help you to:
1. See all your tasks and actions in one place
2. Track due dates and duration of tasks
3. Select, see and edit all your data easily using shortcut “slicer” buttons
4. View an AUTOMATED Gantt chart of all the data you are input so that you can see:
a. What tasks have not yet started
b. What tasks are complete
c. Tasks that are in progress and what 100% (this is automated and uses “todays date” so it changes every day that you open it)
d. What tasks are overdue at the click of a button

This sheet has been created for use in the latest (2020) version of excel MS365, IT HAS NOT been optomised for use with google sheets and earlier versions of excel so many of the calculation / graphs may not work as well OR AT ALL – PLEASE be aware of this before you make your purchase.

Your download file will contain the following:
• 2 x Excel files (UK & US Versions) that includes:
o DATA & Dashboard main page – this is where we add tasks, due dates and lots of other good stuff and as this is the single page version – it is also where all the automation sits for the Gantt chart, slicers selection buttons) date calculations etc.
• 17 Page user manual with link to a video showing the tool at work
• 1 x sample data file

Whether you are working on a large multifaceted programme for a challenging client or keeping track of your small business – this tool is just what you need to get completely organised without the need for expensive software.

It will show you what task is due to be completed by when, who should be doing it and how close you are to the finish line (% Complete) amongst other things.

The guide will take you through each element of the workbook with screenshots – so you always have it to refer back to if you get lost.

Due to the DIGITAL nature of the purchase, we are not able to accept returns, exchanges or cancellations.

All products from the Briscoe Consultants are for personal / your own business use only. Please do not, resell them, copy any of them or in any way use our products for commercial gain – apart from using them in your business of course!


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project management planner with gantt chart excelProject Management Planner with Gantt Chart Excel
£17.50 Excl.Tax

Availability: 974 in stock