Free Stakeholder Map in Excel

Stakeholder mapping is one of those things that we tend to do at the beginning of a project before our time gets eaten up by the ever-increasing list of tasks that all needed to be done sometime last week. It just gets pushed down the priority list – until something goes wrong…

Keeping on track with stakeholder engagement is crucial, and the bigger or more delicate the project is – the more important it gets.

This tool makes it super simple to keep track of everyone, and it looks so nice – you won’t be embarrassed to share it in the Teams chat when you get put on the spot!

This is one of my best-selling tools but I am giving it away for FREE in the hope that you will join me on my journey to build a suite of awesome spreadsheets that solve real world problems.

Stakeholder Map



(All this means is that I’ll send you the occasional email with new sheets that you might like to try out and give me some feedback on – so nothing too stressful!)

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Personally I’m a very visual learner, so despite my rather “unrefined” skills in the video department, I’ve done a quick walkthrough of how this tool works.


I hope you find it useful.


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